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Car Accident Attorney Beaverton Oregon

Car Accident Attorney serving Beaverton OR Attorney Matthew Kehoe has seen it all in his over 20 years experience as a Car Accident Attorney. It’s hard enough to be a victim in a car accident, but to be victimized by an insurance company by prolonging the claim process and denying fair compensation just isn’t right. […]

Oregon Dog Bite Attorney

Oregon Dog Bite Attorney Dog attacks and bites often can cause extreme personal injury, disfigurement and mental anguish for the victims of these attacks.  A dog owner who knows that their dog is likely or has a history of attacking people, or knows the dog could cause injury to a person, has a responsibility to […]

Passenger Injury in Car Accidents – Oregon

Car Accident Injuries and Passenger Rights in Oregon What if you’re a passenger in a vehicle, and your vehicle’s driver causes an accident with another driver?  Many people wonder who they can recoup damages from for injuries sustained during such an accident since you cannot legally sue the driver of the other vehicle since they […]

Personal Injury Attorneys: How to get a favorable settlement on your injury case

Personal Injury Claims and Settlements Injury settlements can be complicated by various factors.  As a result an of auto accident, it’s possible that you can receive money to pay for the medical expenditures, loss of income, pain and suffering and property damages by way of a personal injury settlement The Personal Injury Attorneys at the […]

Car Accident Settlements

How an Experienced Automobile Accident Attorney helps fight the insurance company A person who has been injured in an automobile accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence may be frustrated from dealing with the insurance companies. The insurance carrier for the driver at fault may deny their insured’s liability for the automobile accident. This […]

Who has the right to bring a Wrongful Death Claim in Oregon?

Who has the right to bring a Wrongful Death Claim  A wrongful death attorney can be consulted when car accidents result in fatalities. A wrongful death claim is designed to seek monetary compensation for those who are reliant on the person who is deceased. When people ask, “Who has the right to bring a wrongful death […]

Distracted Drivers and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Distracted Drivers Being distracted while driving is a leading cause of accidents. If the accident involves a motorcycle, it can easily become serious or even fatal; many motorcyclists and their families each year are entitled to compensation for motorcycle accidents caused by distracted drivers. If you’ve recently been in a motorcycle […]

Bicycle and Automobile Accidents: Who’s at Fault?

Bicycle and Auto Accidents Each year there are over a million accidents involving bicycles. If the accident involves an automobile, bicycle accidents can sometimes result in very serious or fatal injuries. Lawsuits filed to recover damages for injuries often involve the same issues as auto accidents. A bicycle accident attorney can help to define who […]