How to avoid becoming a victim of the insurance company

After an injury accident, often the injured will contacted by attorneys or the insurance company about the circumstances surrounding your case. Many people are not ready for such contacts, and are thus unprepared to handle the questions that the insurance company or attorney may ask.

  • At The Law Offices of Matthew H. Kehoe, our goal is to educate and preserve our clients rights when it comes to dealing with the insurance company and their attorneys.

Don’t become a victim

Insurance companies and their attorneys are looking out for their bottom line, their goal is to spend as little as possible to settle your injury claim. They know the laws that work in their favor, and use many tricks to pay you less, or drag the claim process out.

The Law Offices of Matthew H. Kehoe is very experienced in dealing with insurance companies and their attorneys. In fact out motto, “While the insurance companies are protecting themselves, we work to protect you.” has been proven time and time again. For over 20 years, we have been fighting for the rights of our clients, and have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements.

Insurance companies are out to pay you as little as possible

Retaining an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney helps you navigate the pitfalls and perils of dealing with large insurance companies. Don’t talk to the insurance company or their attorneys until you have discussed the merits of your case with an experienced personal injury attorney.

The Law Offices of Matthew H. Kehoe offers Free Legal Consultations for victims of an injury related accident. During our consultation we will provide you information such as:

  • Do you have a case?
  • How to recover medical costs and lost wages
  • Do you need an attorney, and what you should expect from them
  • The pitfalls to avoid when dealing with the insurance company
  • and much more…

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