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Personal Injury Settlements at Law Offices of Matthew H. Kehoe serving in Hillsboro OR and Beaverton ORCurious about how the Law Offices of Matthew H. Kehoe could help your personal injury case? Take a look at some of the settlements we’ve won in recent years! The Law Offices of Matthew H. Kehoe have represented individuals involved in a wide range of cases, and we have successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients. If you’re interested in what we could do for you, contact us today to speak with our experienced legal team!

Automobile crash injury

  • $150,000.00 Trial Verdict.
  • Driver injured while crossing through intersection on a green light. Other driver t boned our client. Client sustained injuries to his lower extremities.

Dog bite – attack

  • $300,000.00 settlement.
  • A mixed breed dog attacked my client at a neighbor’s house. She rang the doorbell and the door opened, the dog lunged out and viciously attacked her resulting in facial injuries, trauma and multiple sutures to close the wounds.

Bicyclist hit by automobile

  • $182,000.00 settlement
  • Cyclist was traveling down SW Murray Blvd in Beaverton when vehicle pulled out in front of cyclist causing collision. Injuries to the cyclist’s leg, pelvis, back and neck

Pedestrian hit by automobile

  • $1,200,000.00 settlement
  • Pedestrian was hit by automobile and sustained multiple broken bones, contusions, abrasions and cognitive impairment.

Slip and fall accident

  • $150,000.00 settlement
  • Woman slipped on water coming out of a shower in a clubhouse at a condominium. HOA knew that the area was a danger and very slippery. Injuries sustained included blood pooling in her lower spinal column resulting in some temporary paralysis of the lower extremities and some head trauma.

Automobile Crash Injury

  • $30,000.00 Trial Verdict.
  • Driver injured when other vehicle attempted to pass through intersection on a red light. Injuries included some neck and back trauma.

Automobile Crash Injury

  • $76,000.00 Trial Verdict
  • Driver hit from behind and sustained injuries to head, neck and back.

Automobile Fire v. ____________ Insurance Co.

  • $64,000.00 Trial Verdict
  • Insurance company failed to pay our client for their vehicle which was burned up in a fire. Insurance company claimed it was a “suspicious fire” and refused to pay.

Auto Collision Case/Jury Trial

  • $110,000 Trial Verdict
  • Client was rear ended and suffered headaches and neck pain. Modest damage to the vehicle.

Auto Collision Case/Jury Trial

  • $193,000 Trial Verdict
  • Client was hit by a dumptruck that slid on ice into the side of his vehicle. Suffered neck and back injuries.

Auto/Truck Collision/Mediation

  • $1.4 Million Settled
  • Client suffered significant head trauma. Substantial lost wages claim. Our office was able to find more insurance coverage for client than anticipated.

Auto Collision/Wrongful Death

  • $275,000 Trial Verdict
  • Deceased was blamed for the collision that resulted in his death. Our office through the use of experts was able to show that the other vehicle was at fault.

Experienced Attorney with Personal Injury Settlements

Matthew H. Kehoe specializes as a Personal Injury Attorney serving the entire State of Oregon. For over 20 years his practice which is based in the Portland, Oregon metro area has helped personal injury victims receive compensation for their injuries. He and his practice are responsible for recovering millions of dollars in settlements for damages caused.

If you’re looking for an experienced and reputable Personal Injury Lawyer, call the Law Offices of Matthew H. Kehoe today to schedule your free in person consultation.

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